Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some musings I had to let out of my soul.

I've been thinking about redemption a great deal this week. My lesson tomorrow is on the Fall of Adam, and that necessarily means its also about the Atonement. Both the Fall and the Atonement are essential components of "The Great Plan of Redemption." Without the Fall we would need no redemption, as we would never have had the chance to do anything that needed redeeming. The Fall caused us to need redemption from death--we cause ourselves to need redemption from sin. We are redeemed for both that which we are culpable for, and that over which we have no control. I think this is true of more than just death and hell. You see, I have spent my adult life trying to overcome the destructive and self-defeating habits and attitudes I was taught in my broken home. There are things that I have done for which I desperately need redemption. There are things over which I had no control that shaped and formed who I was and how I lived that I need to be redeemed for as well. I am redeemed--from all the things, whether I am guilty or not, that keep me from coming back to God. That redemption comes through no work or act of will of my own, but through the selfless, eternal, and infinite sacrifice of a perfect Savior. He helps me change. He makes me better. He teaches me that I have power to "act and not to be acted upon." I take that power and choose to be more than what comes naturally.
With all this thought of redemption, I have been touced all week by how it has shaped me into something that, while wildly imperfect, is far more than I could ever hope to be alone. As I am redeemed, my heart yearns to offer redemption. To save as I was saved. To rescue a soul from itself. I know of ways that I can reach out, and I pray my eyes can be opened to see where there is need, and not let my fear block the way to my action. How else can I show how truly grateful I am? How else will He ever know that as He did everything for me, I would do everything for Him?