Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have been listening to some fabulous 90's tracks lately, and laughing a lot of the time. Give yourself some time teenagers, and a lot of the music that seemed so cutting edge, so timely, and so romantic, will make you laugh when you're 30.
Some insights my fellow 90's children will appreciate:

The only difference between Color Me Badd and Boys II Men is symantics: "I Want to Sex You Up" just doesn't sound the same to girls as "I'll Make Love to You."

Boys II Men probably came together in an effort to make girls believe that having sex with boys was a huge treat for girls. The whole premise of "I'll Make Love to You" is giving a woman sex for her birthday. Cheap bastard probably didn't even buy her flowers. Now that I'm older, I'm pretty sure the gift wasn't for her. "Whatever you want girl you know I will do..." Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's not specific to a birthday.

Is Madonna really reinventing herself, or just finding new gimmicks to sell sex?

Nirvanna was just the next logical step in rock and roll. Music exists to irritate your parents. Frank Sinatra was the Elvis/Beatles/Kurt Cobain of his day. Now he's geriatric music. Some day, our grandchildren will find Limp Bizkit quaint.

Ska: it wasn't cool then, and it isn't cool now.

The macarena was cool for only one reason: even white kids could dance to it.

The fact that one of my boyfriends and I had "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" as our song is just testament to me noe of how ridiculousy overblown 13-year-old love really is. If only there had been a song entitled, "You're Neat and Our Parents Hang Out A Lot"...

Savage Garden is still cool.


I haven't blogged since December, so that means I have a lot to tell you. Actually, it doesn't. My life is not that interesting.
We had a nice Christmas at home. Our power was off Christmas morning, so we opened our presents by candlelight. We then had to use our farm equipment to dig ourselves out of the driveway and clear a path to Joe's parent's house. It was crazy! We took the kids to see the lights on temple square, which was SO fun. I was a little dissapointed seems the Church is conserving energy or something because the lights weren't as great this year.
The new year hasn't brought anything to terribly exciting. We went to the state YF&R convention and had lots of fun there with old friends and new. I promise to blog more often about the little things I care about.