Friday, February 4, 2011


Raena is really starting to talk a lot. Sure, no one but me can understand her, but I'm here to assure you she's hilarious. For example, last night Joe and I turned off the TV but not the dish, and we had been watching Fox. When we turned the TV on to watch cartoons this morning, the rainbow bars and tone were on because Fox hadn't started their broadcasting day yet. It took me a minute to find the satellite remote, and in the interim Rae was staring at the TV. Finally she looked at me and said, "This show sucks." Am I the worst mom ever because I taught her "sucks?" Nah, I wrapped that up the first time she dropped something and said the *s* word. Precious.

Rae is generally good natured too. Her teachers at school call her "Giggles" because she just happily goes from activity to activity, giggling all the way. She's often that nice at home, but not so much that her dad is willing to change her nickname from "Pill."

She sings along to music quite a bit too. In the mornings when we're home, I play music in the kitchen and we all dance while I clean. This morning she gave a stirring performance of "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. She has moves.