Thursday, February 26, 2009

Third time's a charm...

We took Kory to the neurologist yesterday, and once again retold our story of massive freaking out and uncertainty. Then he wanted to know how Kory was doing :). Our neurologist feels that a night terror, while possibly being the culprit, is VERY uncommon during the day. He also feels that because this was such an atypical event for Kory, and because he has had seizures in the past, this incident warrants further evaluation. So, we'll have another sleep-deprived EEG on March 9 (Boo!). This EEG should be even more fun than the last one, because we have to take Raena. Nursers are needy like that. The good news is, Kory was really well-behaved and so was Raena. My awesome plan is to be prepared to play Wii a lot, give him lots of juice, and pray really hard. I'll get blessings for all of us, to help us prepare, and help Kory be comforted throughout his torture, and help Raena sleep. I don't want Jake to feel left out, so he'll get a blessing too, though really, he probably won't care that we're gone. He loves spending the night at Grandma's house.

Thanks for all your notes and calls of concern and support. We really appreciate you and count ourselves so blessed to have such good friends and a great ward family!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all the things I have to do, and all the things I could be doing better that I wonder if I'm accomplishing anything at all. I wonder if I stepped out of my life if someone else would step in and do a better job than I do. But then little things happen, and I think I might be ok....

For example...

A very tiny girl is ludicrously happy to see me in the morning-like we've been apart for years!

A small boy smears slobber all over my lips when he gives me a kiss while I read him his favorite book (Big Red Barn) for the 72nd time today.

A rapidly growing boy stops me vacuuming to tell me I'm the best mom ever.

The small boy asks me, "Kory yours?" and I can respond "Yes. Forever and ever." Then he laughs and throws his arms around my legs.

The rapidly growing boy tells me he's going on a mission like dad, but only if I come too.

The small boy tells knock-knock jokes that always go the same way: Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Butt! (hysterical giggling) His big brother taught him that "butt" is funny. I know it's wrong, but the joke is awesome.

The rapidly growing boy tells me that Raena is so pretty, "just like you!"

The tiny girl sings along with hymns during family prayer.

My children offer the cutest prayers.

No one loves me like my children do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A work in process

So, maybe you will have noticed I have another blog that I work on to practice my writing. If not, check my sidebar, and don't be too judgemental. I read of a most wonderous event yesterday, between Nancy Pelosi and the Pope ( They have such diverging accounts of the event, that I was reminded of "Summer Lovin" from Grease. It is my current deepest literary desire to write a song chronicling this awesome happening to the tune of "Summer Lovin" entitled "Papal Meeting."

Papal Meeting, winter in Rome,

Papal Meeting, so far from Home,

Met a girl, she won't tow the line,

Met the Pope, he liked me just fine,

Catholic rules, someone needs schooled
but the spin makes her look real good.

I'd appreciate any glimmers of inspiration you may have!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Here we go again...

Joe and I had quite a scare yesterday. Kory had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from church yesterday, and was so tired he didn't wake when we transferred him from the car to his crib, or when we took off his coat. About half and hour later, we could hear him screaming in his crib. He sounded REALLY mad. It seemed really unusual, because Kory can climb out of his crib on his own, and he didn't seem to be trying to get out. I was nursing Raena, so Joe went and got him. As soon as Joe touched him, Kory freaked out and fought him like crazy! Joe put him on our bed and Kory rolled around, screaming, not seeming to even know where he was or that we were with him. He couldn't hear us, and he wouldn't talk to us. He freaked out if we tried to touch him. This lasted about 10 minutes, by which time I had deposited Raena in her crib, and tried repeatedly to calm Kory down. He almost seemed possessed, not like my little boy at all. I finally handed him into Joe's lap and said, "Bless him!" I couldn't think what else to do! He was clearly in some kind of awful distress, and we were both (Joe and I) scared, not knowing how to help him. Joe blessed him, but there was no change in Kory. We talked later, and Joe and I both felt, though we didn't share it with each other at the time, that in that moment the Spirit whispered that Kory had had a seizure. You'll remember he has had this problem in the past. I called the hospital and described his symptoms, and they told me to bring him up. Kory finally calmed down right before we packed him in the car. Joe was with him, and he said Kory suddenly relaxed, and Joe asked him if he wanted to be held, and Kory said he did. We took our other kids to Claunches (who have more than repaid us for taking their boys home when Avery broke her face!) where Jeremy helped Joe administer to Kory, and gave Joe a blessing as well. At the hospital, they said what I expected them to say, because it's all a doctor can say about a seizure he didn't see: "I don't know."
I have since done some research about what happened, and I think what Kory had was a night terror. Night terrors occur in the frontal lobe in the brain, which is where the injury the provoked Kory's first round of seizures was. Experts say that night terrors and seizures aren't related. I know the Spirit doesn't lie. Maybe a doctor will never be able to tell me what happens in his brain, but I know there is a potential for malfunction there. I also know I have a very intelligent, gifted, valiant little son.
I don't often let go with my fears and worries. I think worry is counter-productive. But I wonder if Kory seizures stopped as a mercy to me, dealing with an unplanned pregnancy? I wonder if, now that other things are better, now is the time to deal with this unknown malady in Kory? I acknowledge the little mercies that made yesterday bearable; the lesson I gave on recognizing the Spirit, Raena's remarkably good behaviour, Claunches willingness to help us bear a burden, the inspiration of a priesthood blessing, and the abiding comfort of the gift of faith. I was blessed to feel the actual power of the faith the Lord has carefully cultivated in me through the last year. I was blest to feel the power of the priesthood in my home. I was blessed to witness the deep love my husband has for my children. I was blessed to know with certainty that my Saviour loves my son, and holds him in His hand. I can't understate how deeply I know my Savior loves me. I can't say often enough, or adequately enough how grateful I am for His grace, His love, and the privelege I have of having access to his power. I am greatful that He has taught me, that even when I am scared or worried, I am compelled to thank Him for everything.

Friday, February 13, 2009


My long-lost friend Krista passed this idea on in her blog, and I liked it so much, I wanted to give it a try.

Here's the deal:

Be one of the first three people to comment on this blog and I will make a deliver a gift to your home.

Here's the catch.

I choose the gift (so it won't be spectacular) and I choose the won't know when to expect me! I will come sometime this year. I hope it will be when you really need me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Skydiving? Really?

My little brother took himself skydiving for his 25th birthday. Evidently nothing says, "Happy Birthday to Me!" like defying death. He posted a video of his experience on Facebook. Jacob watched it with me and had the funniest things to say:

"Hey, that airplane is too tiny to fly! Who's going to throw it in the air?"

"I wish I was big and I could jump out the airplane and fly."

"Let's see if he gets hurt at the bottom."

"Why is his face squiggling like that?"

"Why can't Josh get away from that guy (he was strapped to a helper)?"

"Here he comes! His legs will blow up!"

"Whew! He made it! Hey, is your brother crazy?"