Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cattlemen's wives are irritated pregnant ladies

I got what I thought was just a touch of the stomach flu over the weekend. It was unpleasant most of Saturday, and much better Sunday, so I thought I had beaten it. Then on Monday, it smacked me down with a vengeance. I called up to my OB to ask what I should do, and they decided I needed to come up to the hospital to be checked, and probably get an IV going. So I cried, and called Joe, and tried to fix my kids lunch, and cried some more. Joe was really good--he rescued me from feeding the kids lunch and got them all ready to go, called his mom, and got me up there in good time. However, once we got up to the hospital, the Bovine Farmer weirdness began.
When one works with animals, one gets a lot of medical supplies for them. In the course of my pregnancies, I have learned from my husband that cow reproduction, pregnancy and delivery are not much different from humans. So, Joe, who has delivered and observed many a pregnant cow in his time, is generally not surprised by weird pregnancy or birth things, like stained amniotic fluid, or the use of pitocin. He is, however, a little freaked out that the IV needle they used for me yesterday is the same size as the one he uses on his animals. He thinks its ok for 300 lb calves, not so much for his wife. Plus, he has a whole diatribe he will share with everyone about how the hospital will charge $5 for the needle, and he could have brought his own for 33 cents. He also noted that the saline and electrolite solution they gave me he used to order in bulk for his newborn calves, and that he can get me some pitocin and anti-biotic for my next IV drip on the way home from the hospital. All it takes is a trip to Cal-Ranch. So while I appreciate his aplomb in what can only be described as a truly lousy situation, it is a little irritating to consider that all I need is at the Ag supply store. Also, if I get compared to a cow one more time, I may find the strength or means to throw one at him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm sorry sir, that bag is to big to be carry-on...

As part of my crazy nesting, I decided today would be a great day to get the diaper bag organized and ready to accomodate two tots in diapers. I was so impressed with my organizational plan: I got garment bags from the dollar store to put all their stuff in individual bags. Raena's bags have purple ribbon threaded through them so I know whose stuff is whose. Raena would have 1 bag for diapers, 1 for spare clothes, burp rags, etc, 1 for other needs like binkies and toys. Kory would have a bag for diapers, and one for his and Jake's toys and books and snacks. I need one for assorted pads, a spare shirt, and mommy stuff. Are you counting? That's 6 bags. Then there's the wipes bag they can share, and other pockets for all the other stuff I might need (you know, keys, money, phone, pain reliever for what is shaping up to be quite the backache). I fear my diaper bag can't accomodate such a load. The pile of stuff covers most of the top of my changing table. I forgot the difference between what an 18-month-old needs, and what a newborn needs. I bet I have more stuff packed for that bag than my ancestors packed to cross the Atlantic Ocean and North America. How embarrassing. But how do you pare down? I have to be prepared for anything!

Maybe I should just stay home from now on.

Countdowns and Conundrums

After my eventful (boo) morning in Blackfoot this week I have been tormented more that usual with the final weeks of my pregnancy. I forgot to mention that at my last OB appointment I was surprised and delighted to learn that my body was making progress towards labor all by itself, and at 37 weeks too! I had never accomplished such a feat before and was very encouraged. But, on the occasion of being violated multiple times for no reason on Wednesday, I was told that after almost a week, I had made no additional progress at all. That bummed me out. I have heard a lot about evening primrose oil helping to ripen the cervix and castor (I accidently wrote castro oil at first, which I'm sure is NOT doctor reccomended) oil to bring on contractions. I obtained both these holistic (read: sort of weird) options Wednesday determined to give them the old college try, 'cause you know what? I'm tired.
Just so you know, so far the only discernable effects of evening primrose oil are bloating and gas. I chickened out with the castor oil, because it seems to me that a lot, if not all, of these remedies work only when your body is ready anyway, and then they just give you a boost. Much as I hate to admit it, I know I'm not ready. Sigh.
So I'm still on for an October 3 induction. The good news is that's only six days away! The bad news is, that's six days away. I can't be appeased.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupid Bladder...

Yesterday morning, around 5am, I woke up because I felt a rush of fluid. I was confused; did my water break or had I become victim once again to my terrible pelvic tone and ginormous fetus? I decided to wait and see what happened next. I expected either having to go to the bathroom or contractions would soon follow. Neither happened. I figured I'd better call the hospital for advice on how to procede before Joe left for work. So they told me I needed to come be checked to make sure what exactly was going on with my amniotic fluid. I cried (yup, cause I'm pregnant) and told her, "But I don't want to come in. I know I'm not in labor." She didn't care. So I spent all yesterday morning finding out I wasn't in labor, which I already knew.

Breathe deeply, and repeat "I will never get pregnant again, I will never get pregnant again, I will never...."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tithing Works!

We were out picking corn last night when one of our guys called to tell us a tree had fallen in our yard. We assumed it was a hanging branch that had finally fallen. Imagine our surprise when we came home to this:

Yeah, that's a huge Freaking TREE sprawled across my entire driveway!

It had some little branches resting on the hood of Joe's truck. It just missed it.

The tree came to rest right between the house and the truck. It burried the lawn mower but did not damage it. Can you believe that? How blessed are we?!? And that is why I say, TITHING WORKS!

My big fat update...

So since I haven't blogged any news in MONTHS, here are some of the more exciting things we've been experiencing:

Kory had to have a procedure done to open his tear ducts. Jacob had the same problem, but he had his done at nine months, so it was just a twenty minute nothing of a procedure done at the opthamologist's office. Kory was over a year, so he had to have his done at the surgical center, with anesthesia and everything. If you've ever had a child that small need general anesthesia, you know that it makes them the DEVIL! Oh he was ornery! The really crappy part is that it didn't work, so we have to go in again this winter to put tubes in his face. I'm sure that will be a laugh riot. On the plus side of being Kory, he's started to talk a little, he finally walks, and he thinks he's hysterical. He might actually be starting to like other people too, as he doesn't loose his mind when we take him to nursery.

Jake is in speech therapy now, trying to make up for his language deficit before he starts school. He really likes it, and I'm excited he's finally getting the problem addressed. He is so excited for his baby sister, he asks all the time when she is coming to live with us. He "helped" me paint the border in her room, and added a little touch of his own: a row of flower stickers. I don't have the heart to take them down, he's so proud.

Joe and I are plugging along, each of us grumpy but for the same reason-babies are hard work! But no matter how bad I feel with this pregnancy, I can smile through it, knowing this will never happen to me again!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I broke my computer in May and haven't been able to buy a new one till now. I plan to stalk all my interests on the internet with a religious sort of devotion, especially since in addition to suffering from withdrawls, I don't sleep anymore anyway. So look forward to that.