Thursday, May 31, 2007

A blogspot is born

In the interst of being as cool as my friends Gwen and Brittany, I decided to get a blogspot. I hope my efforts result in my continuing progression down the road to awesomeness.

It's a crazy busy week for us. We're blessing Kory on Sunday, and so we are about to be inundated with relatives (dun dun DUN!). That means we'll be having a lot of fun, but to prepare for the fun, there must be a lot of work. I'm cooking and cleaning up a storm. I finally planted my garden, and my yard is starting to look like nice people live here. It had a decidedly hillbilly look to it before.

I am just a little frustrated with family, but that's mostly because that's how family is. You see a lot of them, and the nerves are bound to get a little fried.

More later when operation "Name and a Blessing" is complete!