Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here we go...

So tomorrow we go to the neurologist for Kory. My stomach is in knots and I can't stop eating. My kid's trauma is going to make me fat. If I didn't know before that I was an emotional eater, I'd have to accept it now. I hate waiting. I dread what we will find out. More than that, I'm afraid of what we won't find out. I fear that they will ask a lot of questions and send me home with very little comfort. Is it me, or does years and years of medical school make doctors somehow less human? Haven't you ever felt like the doctor was a little too objective? Haven't you ever wanted to smack him out of his nonchalance and yell, "This Matters to me, you detached robot!" I do. I'll probably restrain myself. If not, that will make a far more entertaining blog. Do they let you blog in jail?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The test, etc

Kory's EEG was just as awful as I thought it would be, but at least we lived. The results came back normal, which would be reassuring except he has had two more episodes since the test. So, next week we're going to see a pediatric neurologist. I'm still not freaking out in general, although I have had my moments (thanks to the many friends who listened with sympathy, and to Greg and Gwen, who let us interrupt their evening to give my baby a blessing.). I wish I had more to report, but this is the best I can do.
On a happier note, Jake had quite the adventure this morning. I have a jetted tub, and Jake has learned, at his own cost, that playing with the button that turns on the jets is a poor idea. However, he must have slipped or something this morning, as the jets ruined his day. He pushed the button and a whole host of hysterical things happened. The water wasn't high enough to cover the jets, so all the water being shoved through them just flew through the air with rocket force, hitting his skinny little body and making a terrible noise. Add to that the knowledge that he was going to be in big trouble for pushing the button and you can understand his panic. HE LOST HIS MIND! He was screaming, "Mom! Help! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" It was SO funny. I felt kind of bad for laughing when he told me it wasn't funny, "I'm really sad!" but the thing is, it was funny. Darn funny. And I deserved to laugh, because I had to clean it up.
Kory is a mover and a groover. He can get just about everywhere. If his tiny arms won't let him drag himself to his destination, he's got the rest of the family good and trained so we assist him in a timely manner. He is desperate to eat like all the big people, but will sadly have to wait. He is currently not sure what is up with the dog. If you've been to my house, you know my dog isn't so much a canine as an equine. This animal is frickin' huge. Kory doesn't seem to be able to figure out if he's people, if he's something else, and why can't he catch him?
More later when the doctor tells us that the baby is fine!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've been getting a lot of calls about how my baby is doing. The test and the fun leading up to it were indeed the torture I had predicted. But we came out of it ok, and are just waiting for the results. I'll let you know how that goes. He did have another seizure on Sunday, but it was really short. I'm not losing it yet, but I may soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Compare my two boys at about the same age...

Cute Baby

I was up all night with my kids, and strangely enough, I'm not tired. Make no mistake, I will be later, but right now I'm motivated and charged by that blessed friend of all mothers, second wind. Gwen mentioned I need to show how big my baby is getting, so here he is!

He can almost sit up by himself!

Note the two tiny bottom teeth!

Those were a joy to cut, let me tell you!

Sleepy Sleepy Guys!

Two boys with a hard working Grandpa!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Broken Baby

So, my baby has had a couple of seizures lately, and now we have to go up to the hospital to have an EEG. I don't think it will be any fun. He has to be sleep deprived, so I have to keep him up till midnight, wake him up at 5, and not let him eat for four hours before the test. So the hospital will get one ornery baby come Thursday morning. I'm really not looking forward to it. I can't believe I have to torture my baby to have a health professional tell me it's nothing to be concerned about. Of course, I'd be more upset if it was something serious, but still, baby torture is not high on my list of stuff I like to do. Especially when its my baby. So boo to that.

We're back!

It's been a crazy summer, but as things are finally starting to settle down, I figure I'd better post so you can keep up! :)
So, top on our list of events this summer is the monumental water situation we have had in the basement. First I flooded it, thanks to a broken pipe, then there was a leak, thanks to my swamp cooler. Thankfully both floods were covered by our homeowners insurance. So the end of that story is we have a completely recarpeted basement, and lovely newly painted walls in the family room for the bargain price of $1000. Not bad considering the recarpet would have cost us $10,000 easily. It took a while to put everything back together, thus the no internet for Emily, but all is well now and we are really enjoying the new digs.
Next in my summer of chaos, my sister moved in with my under stressful circumstances. The idiot boyfriend I have mentioned before had managed to get them evicted from their apartment and they no longer had anywhere to go. They called us in desperation, and we went down to Salt Lake to get them. The hoser boyfriend lasted less than 24 hours before he was on the phone with his dad getting a bus ticket back to SLC. After spending more time with them, making observations and some conversation with my sister, it became clear that she was not safe with him. So Joe and I made a command decision that did not go over well...we made him go and made her stay. She was pretty upset for a long time, but she has a job here now, and is making plans to attend either ISU or USU in the spring. She has decided to dump the boyfriend, and we are going down to SLC to get her stuff this weekend. She's in counseling now, and things are going really well. I really hope things will work out for her, and we are enjoying having her here. The kids really love her.
Speaking of kids, I babysit two little boys, 6 days a week now. Colton and Tucker and 6 and 5 respectivly. They both attend Kindergarten all day, and are really coming along. They have a lot of challenges, but despite that, having them here has been good for Jake. Colton and Tucker need a lot of help getting caught up learning their letters and numbers and so forth, so the extra work has been great helping Jake get ready for Kindergarten. Plus he's learnign to share, take turns, compromise, and communicate. I'm not sure he would have aquired these skills any other way, so I'm hoping he'll be the most prepared boy ever! Plus, money that is all my own is quite a plus too. I like feeling like I can help with our debt situation, especially since , lets face it, I made the debt situation :).
Kory is getting bigger and more accomplished all the time. He has two teeth now, and will be sitting up soon. He creeps along the floor at an alarming pace, largely due to his desperate need to get to his big brother and play. He wants to be a part of everything Jake does. He really loves that guy. I didn't fully appreciate how much fun it is to watch those two interact. Jake is a great big brother. When Kory cries in his carseat, Jake sings him a song his grandma Ward made up for him. Its so cute. I love my little tiny boys.
We're looking forward to the fall (yea!) and will keep posting more often so we're not such strangers!