Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...And that's why they used to use grape juice in the sacrament

I really want my kids to understand that Easter is not about a bunny or candy or pretty clothes. So, all this week we're doing little crafts and activities that teach about Easter, the Atonement, and the Sacrament. Today we made placemats with the Easter story on them, like so (I put these images in contact paper to make them water/dinner proof). The idea is that we can talk about the story while we eat for the rest of the week. Jacob had a lesson on Easter in Primary already, so he's not entirely ignorant of the purpose of the holiday. He pointed out the frame with Jesus hanging on the cross, and told me, "That's Jesus. The bad men gave him a crown of thorns and put him on that cross so he would die." He paused and wrapped it up with, "The sign over him says 'King of the Juice.' Mom, why would they say He was 'King of the Juice?' What kind of juice?"

How do you explain ethnicity to a six-year-old? Also, huge points for me for not laughing right out loud.


Dinee said...

I can't believe you didn't laugh. That is too cute! I love your idea. I may do it next year. Libby still doesn't get the whole Easter thing although I've tried to tell her what it's really about.

Christine said...

Every year I want to do what you are doing and every year Easter comes and I have nothing planned and too much going on. I put your idea on my calendar for next year so I will be prepared.

And I probably would have laughed about the juice. I love their understanding at that age!

Thanks for being a good example for me!

Darin and Amy said...

Emily, Emily, Emily, why dost thou not blog anymore? I NEED you too! So, in your spare time, (hahahaha) catch me up, would ya?