Friday, February 5, 2010

Um, service hurts sometimes

As promised, here is the full story of my daily act of service: volunteering in Jake's kindergarten class.

I had arranged a babysitter for this morning a week ago--or so I thought. After a morning full of phone calls (no less than 4 plus a text message) and never getting in contact with my friend, I took my chances and just showed up at her house.

No one there.

So, I started going through my address book, looking for someone to take my littles at the last minute. I got lucky, and Brittany changed her plans for me (THANK YOU BOWENS!) I hurried over to their house, dropped my kids off and ran out the door. As I was running, I remembered a valuable lesson--in the winter, its best to assume there is ice under the snow. I remembered this as I was momentarily airborne, suspended in dread and disbelief in the air outside the Bowen home. When I hit the ground with my back, and followed that up with a resounding WHACK on the back of my head, all I could think of came out my mouth, "auauaghghh (groan) I'm thirty!" I picked myself off, and hobbled to my car to continue on my breathless journey to the elementary school.

At the school, I realized that my whole backside was wet. I hadn't noticed before cause of the pain. Oh well, too late now. I proceeded to help with the class, sitting on the floor for an hour. Not smart. My hips are not all they should be, and they hurt a lot by the end of the hour.

Service is good, and seeing how happy Jake was to see me in his class made it all worth it--but my elbow hurts, and my hips hurt and I have a severely sprained dignity. Thankfully, all my service endeavors for tomorrow are indoors. I'll probably burn myself instead.


Christine said...

Ugh! I slipped and caught myself and my back hurt for a week. I can only imagine your pain. Good thing we are blessed when we serve.

The Five Moores said...

OOOOOoooo now i feel even worse! To think if your stiking babysiter would have remembered to call you to say she left town last min. she could have spared you all the pain and wetness! She owes you one for sure!!! You should make her watch you kids soon,(like one night between March 15th and 19th) so that handsom hubby of yours can take you on a date and massage out your back(i know it was more than a month ago, but you can play it up)
sorry again! but for real plan a date night, sittings on me! and I'll be here for sure ;)